It’s Time to Prep Your Car for Spring

March 3, 2021

prep your car for spring

It’s Time to Prep Your Car for Spring

Why Your Vehicle Needs Post-Winter Maintenance

While the snow and cold might linger for a while longer, spring officially arrives this month. For all of us Clevelanders, that means it is time to assess the wear and tear this past winter has had on our vehicles. There are many reasons why your vehicle might need post-winter repairs and a routine checkup. Let us highlight the most common maintenance needs that we typically see a lot at the end of winter here in Northeast Ohio:


Wheel Alignment and Suspension Issues

The cold and snow in Cleveland, unfortunately, produce a lot of road potholes. We have all experienced that moment when we unintentionally hit a pothole at a significant speed. As your car jolts and steadies, you think: What did that just do to my car? Well, the truth is it could have done a number of things. When our vehicle hits a pothole, the force can sometimes be enough to knock your wheels out of alignment or harm your suspension system. These issues are why Rad Air is offering our Wheel Alignment Special for just $89.95 this spring.


Tire Damage

Our tires bear the brunt of winter’s snow, ice, and adverse road conditions. You should be on the lookout for any signs of wear, leaks, or punctures—particularly if you did hit a few of those pesky Cleveland potholes. Keep in mind that if you park your vehicle outside, you also need to keep a close eye on your tires’ air pressure levels. We recommend having your tires professionally inspected after the winter season and swap out any worn, damaged, or snow tires.


Fluid Checks and Replacement

Do you remember when you last had your car’s oil changed? If you can’t remember, or if it was definitely before the winter, it is time for an oil and filter change—this routine task plays a major role in maintaining the health of your car’s engine. Spring is also a good time to have a professional automotive technician check all of your vehicle’s fluid levels, including coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. If they are low, this may indicate a problem. Rad Air can inspect and test for any issues, top them off, or flush and replace them as needed.


Rust and Corrosion

Driving through all of that road salt is definitely rough on our vehicles. If it is not thoroughly removed, the salt can cause rust and corrosion that will damage your car’s undercarriage. Do not overlook the importance of having your vehicle professionally cleaned to remove the road salt and grime following the winter season.


Dead Battery

Vehicle batteries are affected by the weather, particularly extreme cold and extreme heat. Your car’s battery is working hard all winter long in near-freezing temperatures. With another temperature swing around the corner, your battery might not be up to the task. Instead of waiting until the day that your car will not start, we recommend having your battery’s charge checked at the end of the winter.

The automotive technicians at Rad Air’s locations across Northeast Ohio are ready to provide you with superior post-winter maintenance services. Let us give your vehicle a much-needed reset and refresh before the spring season.

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